My name is Joe Weinmunson. I'm a technical writer, software trainer, and sometime web designer living in the beautiful village of Waterbury, Vermont. I've worked professionally in IT for several years now, but I’ve been creating web pages and helping colleagues with computer issues since 1993. You can look at the sidebar to see samples of the pages I've created.

I'm currently the documentation specialist and software trainer for Trash Flow, a long-running software product for independent trash haulers. It’s liberating being the sole technical writer on a product; all style decisions are mine, I create the structure and conventions of the help documents, and I can confidently take pride in ownership of an extensive document knowing that the buck stops here.

I’ve also worked technical support for an Internet Service Provider and spent years proofreading scientific articles and organizing journal issues for print. I have significant experience in management, training, technical support, and documentation. If you’re thinking of hiring me for a project, you’ll need to know what kind of work I can do. A full resumé is available on request, but this list gives a rough summary of my technical knowledge.

Thanks for visiting my page. If you'd like to hire me for a project, or if you just have questions, please write to me: litlfrog at gmail dot com.

Under Development
Vermont Yarn Shop: A small business in my little town of Plainfield, Vermont, selling local farmspun yarn to crafters. Development beginning February 2009.

Independent Projects
Dan Moran: An experienced pen and ink artist, Dan specializes in New England illustration and horror-themed art. Online February 2009.
How to Talk to Tech Support: Created when I was working the phones providing tech support for a small ISP. This writeup was born out of my daily frustration and delays when trying to help people get their Internet connection working.
Roleplay History: This was my final project for the introductory web design class. It needs a technical update, but gives a good sample of my writing skills.
litlblog: My current blog uses the WordPress content management system. A CMS is great for sites that need frequent updating, including many businesses.
FrostiWear: This is a self-taught project from a web design book I studied recently. Live pages from this sample include a catalog page, product page, and order form.